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Smokeless Cigarette to be Available at GIANT TIGER

J.M.T. Enterprises, exclusive North American distributor of the Crafe Away Smokeless Cigarette, is happy to announce a merchandising agreement with Canadian Franchise retailer GIANT TIGER.

Beginning in July, Crafe Away will be available in all 94 GIANT TIGER locations across Ontario and Quebec.  Crafe Away has been available in Britain for over six years, but is new to the Canadian market.  The product is a plastic tube that looks and feels like a cigarette, delivers a simulated flavor of tobacco--but no tar or nicotine.  Canadian entrepreneurs Joanne Turner and Charlotte Whaley introduced the product into the Southern Ontario market in March 2000 and are steadily growing their distribution across the country and abroad.

"Having GIANT TIGER on board will be a real boost for us," says Whaley.  "It's estimated that 65% of smokers would like to quit, but just haven't found the right way to do it.  We already have many satisfied customers, so we know this product can help.  GIANT TIGER is one of the region's most successful retailers and we are very happy to partner with a company dedicated to the well-being of their customers.  Through GIANT TIGER we are able to provide a healthy alternative for a large number of smokers."

GIANT TIGER is a Canadian retail success story.  Founded in 1961 in Ottawa, the chain has enjoyed steady growth with a focus on great values and plenty of community spirit.  The company expects to open its 100th store later this year.  Company CEO and founder Gordon Reid, is excited about this initiative for several reasons.  "With the Canadian retail landscape dominated by American companies, its nice to team up with fellow Canadians to help them prosper.  At the same time, we're proud of our commitment to the health and well-being of the people in the communities we serve.  If this product helps them quit smoking and lead healthier lives, we're happy to help them."

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