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New Hope for Smokers on 'Weed'-less Wednesday

For the near 5 million smokers in Canada who want to quit smoking, there is new hope for them on Weedless Wednesday this year.  Smokers are asked to butt out for the day and for those who need some extra help to 'break the habit', they can rely on Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette.

Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette, the newest of the smoking cessation tools, is a plastic replica of a real cigarette. It has a simulated tobacco taste but what sets it apart from other stop smoking products is that it helps break the 'habit' of smoking.  Other products deal with the nicotine addiction however, any smoker will tell you that the habit of smoking can sabotage the best intentions to quit.   

After Barbara Derby from Victoria BC had decided to quit smoking the reality set in.  "The desire may have diminished," she said "but how was I going to manage not having a cigarette in my hand?  This was going to be the most difficult aspect of overcoming a forty-year habit.  The idea of talking on the phone, driving, having a cup of coffee, in general, just doing almost anything without a cigarette was unfathomable and no doubt impossible."  Derby found  Ciganot by calling the BC 'Smoker's Help Line'.   Her smoking had doubled over the last three years, the result from which she calls "the widows run" - loosing her husband after a lengthy illness, loosing a precious pet and relocating from her long time home.  She says, "My only comfort and support was 'the cigarette' and it was crucial that they always be by my side.  A month ago, I would have thought it impossible to face a day without one.  I have overcome the cravings and maintain my sanity because I now have a safe replacement.  I am overjoyed, ecstatic and jubilant with the success of this product." 

Charlotte Whaley, President of Ciganot Incorporated, the Waterloo based, Canadian company that distributes the smokeless cigarette says,   " Long after the nicotine leaves the body, the oral addiction remains along with all the smoking habits that entails.    For instance, a pack-a-day smoker has engaged in the hand-to-mouth action at least 300 times during the day and most of the time they haven't even thought about what they are doing because the habit is so engrained.   It takes time to re-program and replace all these rituals that are part of smoking. Ciganot has proven to be very helpful in reducing these cravings and satisfying the urge to pick up a real cigarette. The best part is that Ciganot is safe to use for however long it's needed."

Ciganot is a non-prescriptive stop smoking tool. It is recommended by Doctors, Public Health Departments and Pharmacists as a stand-alone solution or to use in conjunction with NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) or stop smoking prescriptions (Zyban). Ciganot targets all smokers regardless of gender, age or income.  Ciganot helps smokers give up smoking, cuts down the number of cigarettes smoked per day or provides a substitute for occasions when and where smoking is not permitted such as restaurants, airplanes, hospitals, etc.  Ciganot is tobacco-free, nicotine-free, tar-free and smoke-free.  They have a pleasant smoky taste that is released from the filter contained within the tube as air is drawn through the tube. 

Each Ciganot costs $9.99 and lasts up to 4 weeks. Ciganot is available at participating pharmacies and tobacco counters across Canada such as Wal-mart, Pharmasave, London Drugs, Giant Tiger, Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharm Assist banner stores.  For more information or to find a location where they are sold, visit our website at or call 1-866-CIGANOT.

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