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Cigarette substitute to help smokers "kick the habit" now available locally

     Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette, a cigarette substitute that helps smokers kick the "oral hand-to-mouth addiction" experienced when a smoker is trying to quit, is now available in your community.
     Ciganot is a plastic replica of a real cigarette with a simulated tobacco taste that helps satisfy the craving to hold something in your hand when you decide to quit smoking.  One of the reasons it's so hard to quit smoking is that smokers have to kick two habits; the addiction to nicotine and the repeated behavior of the hand-to-mouth habit, which has proven to be a much longer and harder addiction to overcome.  Studies have proven that nicotine leaves the body within 5 to 7 days, however, modifying or changing a behavior can take up to 27 days.  Until Ciganot, there has been nothing effective to combat this oral ritual, which is why so many people turn to the refrigerator, substituting one habit for another.
     Ciganot is a non-prescriptive stop smoking tool that is being recom-

mended by doctors, public health departments and pharmacists as a stand alone solution, or to be used in conjunction with other smoking cessation systems such as nicotine replacement products or stop smoking prescriptions.  Ciganot targets all smokers, regardless of gender, age or income.  It has proven itself to successfully help smokers give up smoking or cut down the number of cigarettes they smoke each day.  Ciganot can be used as a substitute for occasions when and where smoking is not permitted such as restaurants, airplanes, hospitals, etc.
     Each Ciganot costs $9.99 and lasts up to four weeks.  Ciganot is tobacco-free, nicotine-free and tar-free.  They have a pleasant tobacco taste that is released from the filter contained within the tube as air is drawn through it.  This simulated taste is derived from a blend of ingredients presently used to flavour many of our foods.  For example, the smoke flavoring is the same ingredient used to give a smoked flavour to meat and fish.
     Ciganot Incorporated, based in Waterloo, Ontario, is the distributor of

the Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette.    It is a Canadian Corporation owned and operated by two women--Joanne Turner and Charlotte Whaley.  They have seen the effectiveness of Ciganot first hand.  Turner was a 30-year, pack a day smoker when she discovered the product.  She was so impressed with the samples she received, that she and Whaley acquired the rights to distribute the product throughout North America.  "One of the worst things about trying to quit was I kept going to the fridge,"  Turner says.  "I put on ten pounds because I was so accustomed to the hand-to-mouth thing."
     The distribution of Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette continues to expand.  The product is available locally at Adamson Pharmacy.
     "We don't need to beat people up and try to convince them to quit smoking any more.  Everyone knows the reasons why they should stop," said Whaley "We have to be more compassionate and provide viable solutions if we are going to eradicate this addiction."


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