The Safe Alternative to Smoking
                                                                Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette - The Safe Alternative to Smoking



Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette - The safe alternative to Smoking

CIGANOT Smokeless Cigarette

                       Tar Free

                      Nicotine Free

                       Tobacco Free

May be used with patch and gum

CIGANOT satisfies the craving to smoke.  It is a plastic replica of a cigarette that helps diminish the "hand-to-mouth" oral addiction.  It has helped thousands of smokers stop smoking or cut down.

CIGANOT lasts up to 4 weeks.  A simulated smoky taste is released when air is drawn through the flavor chamber contained within the tube.  Ciganot occupies the taste buds and provides a distraction from the urge to smoke. 

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      Break the habit


                    Quit Smoking







Ciganot Stop Smoking Plan Workbook

CIGANOT Stop Smoking Plan

          Useful tools to make quitting easier

         Effective quitting techniques

          A plan for success

Take the pain out of quitting

Decided to quit smoking but having trouble staying on track?  The complete Ciganot Stop Smoking Plan makes the process easier.  Included in the vinyl protective cover are: the Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette; The CigArręte Mini-Filters; and the informative workbook called "Overcoming the Urge to Smoke" .

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CigArręte Mini-Filters


CIGARRĘTE Mini-Filters

                       Wean nicotine

                        Reduce intake of tar

Each Mini-filter can be used for 5 - 10 cigarettes.  Along with reducing the intake of tar  and nicotine, the Mini-Filters help increase the motivation to quit.  They do not alter the taste or flavor of your cigarette, nor do they reduce the risks from cigarette smoke.  Smoking has been proven to be hazardous to your health.


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CIGANOT Smokeless Cigarette along with the CIGANOT Stop Smoking Plan
provide guidance and support to optimize your success.
They help you personalize a quitting program
so you can live a healthier life free of smoking.


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