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CigaFree Incorporated

does not promote or encourage smoking.

Smoking has been proven to be

hazardous to your health.




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healthy lung

of a non-smoker

  • Wean Nicotine

  • Reduce Intake of Tar

  • Increase Motivation to Quit


  non smoker lung               smoker's lung

    Non-smoker's lung             Smoker's lung


CigArręte Mini-Filters

dramatically demonstrate

the negative affects of smoking


     ← single Mini-Filter used




deposits collect

on teeth, throat and lungs of smokers

new Mini-Filter on cigarette

used Mini-FIlter on cigarette


Many smokers put off quitting smoking because they lack the motivation  to quit and fear the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.  The CigArręte Mini-Filters help solve both these problems.

Nicotine Withdrawal:  The CigArręte Mini-Filters are an affordable alternative to other nicotine replacement products and eliminate the unpleasant side effects that many people experience from patches, gum and medications.  The Mini-Filters gradually wean nicotine to reduce cravings.  They are especially helpful during the 'contemplative stage' of quitting when mental preparations to quit are being made.

Motivation:  The CigArręte Mini-Filters are a highly visual device.  They show exactly what is being ingested into the body from cigarettes.  They dramatically demonstrate the negative effects of smoking and increase the motivation of most smokers to change their smoking habit.  The CigArręte Mini-filters do not alter the flavor of cigarettes, nor do they reduce the risk of second-hand smoke.

HOW THE CIGARRĘTE MINI-FILTERS WORK . . .                       

When inhaling through the CigArręte Mini-Filters the smoke is forced through tiny holes in the filter causing the smoke to reach high speeds, subjecting it to very high compression and increased heat.  As this same inhaled smoke leaves the filter, it is subjected to decompression and a drop in temperature.  The decompression and temperature change causes the molecules of tar and nicotine to stick to each other and accumulate in the inner chamber as a brownish-black deposit, much as it does on the teeth and in the mouth, throat and lungs.  Although there is a reduction in the nicotine and tar, there is no change to the taste of the cigarette.  The CigArręte Mini-filters help to reduce the dependency on nicotine, but they do not diminish all the risks of smoking.

HOW TO USE THE CIGARRĘTE MINI-FILTERS . . .                                      

Shows how to put filter on cigaretteInsert a cigarette into the larger round portion of a CigArręte Mini-Filter.  As the cigarette is smoked through the Mini-Filter, the colored centre mark of the Mini-filter will become covered with the brownish black deposit of tar and nicotine.  When the colored centre is completely covered it should be replaced with a new Mini-filter.  Each CigArręte Mini-Filter can be used for 5 -10 cigarettes depending upon the brand.

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