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"To me this thing (Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette) is the best combination with Zyban.  I am on 2nd week with Zyban and totally out of nicotine, as cigarette taste yuck with Zyban but the problem is I need something in my hands with the similar feeling as a  cigarette and that has same suction as a cigarette but no nicotine and not Bingo I found this thing in a pharmacy in Pembroke Hospital and it is the perfect tool for completely over taking the smoking habit...with a very good price.
Shahid K

"I have quit smoking for the second time.  The first time, I lasted 9 months without smoking.  Throughout the 9 months, I found that I didn't need the nicotine in the cigarette - only the need for a cigarette.  Needless to say, without the cigarette in my hand, I gave in to the nicotine as soon as a family crisis struck (not to mention how depressed I was becoming because of the weight gain).  I figured that if something was going to take me, I would prefer it to be from smoking than from obesity.  Now that I have the Ciganot, I have found that it not only soothes me when I feel the need to puff on something but it also helps tremendously when I feel the need to snack.  My only fear now (and it's a miniscule one) is that I will be addicted to the Ciganot!  It has become my pacifier.  I could think of worse things...Thank you again for coming up with such a simple but vital solution for those of us that needed more than just a speech on the harmful effects of smoking and a nicotine patch."
Linda D.

"Quitting smoking is the hardest thing I've ever attempted.  When you're concerned about different things, you tend to smoke more than usual.  CigArręte Mini-Filters have made a big difference in how I feel during these times and during the normal course of the day.  The best result was the dramatic decrease with my severe heartburn.  The nicotine from a cigarette actually prevents fissures and ulcers in your esophagus from healing.  With the Mini-Filters, if used faithfully, at days end your heartburn feels like it's gone.  You will actually find that you are smoking a lot less too."
Judy P.

"I have cut down from 1˝ packs a day to 10 - 12 cigs a day.  Thank you."
Nancy B.

"So far it has been 10 months since my last smoke.  I use your product to have something to do with my hands.  It is also better than chewing on pencils."
William J. P.

"I'm so thankful to have found Ciganot on the internet.  I just love them.  I'm a smoker and not ready to quit, but so many states here in the USA have banned smoking in all public places.  It's especially hard for me when dining out.  So, I am thrilled to have found a substitute in Ciganot.  It even has a tobacco taste, and is round like a real cigarette, where others I've tried have a flat filter and doesn't feel like a real cigarette and no tobacco taste.

This product looks so real that I've been told twice by waitresses that smoking is not allowed!  They are amazed when I show them it's not a real cigarette...I'd also highly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to quit smoking.  I'm so happy I found it!  Thank you for a great product.  Nothing takes the place of a real cigarette, but it really helps when you're in a place that doesn't allow smoking - restaurants, bars, hospitals, etc.  And, the best part is that they are harmless.  I keep them in my purse and won't go anywhere without them."
Dorothy M.

"We received the Ciganots on Friday.  My brother was thrilled.  He was chewing everything in sight.  I think these may save his life if he can stay away from smoking.  Thank you SO MUCH for all your help.  YOU ARE THE BEST!"
Joyce L.

"...I purchased one of these (Ciganot Smokeless Cigarette) from you several years back.  I did quit smoking.  However my toy Schnauzer puppy found it when it rolled off the desk and I didn't notice.  I need a new one as the filter is no more...I love these gadgets for when I'm "needing" to have a puff."
Carol D.

"I think your product is great.  I am now 13 days smoke free."
Liane W.


"I want to thank you for your product.  My husband has tried every other item on the market to quit smoking and was unsuccessful.  With this item he was not only able to quit smoking but he quit cold.  He did not need any product for nicotine and was very successful ...
Laura C.

"It's been 6 months now since we bought your Ciganot.  My husband and I still have not had a cigarette, but we still carry the Ciganot with us wherever we go.  I work as a cashier in a grocery store, with this last $9. a carton hike, when people start complaining about the price, I haul out my Ciganot and tell them how well it works...Some people think it's stupid, but it's the simplicity in itself that works!!
Cathy L.


"I have tried your product and I am amazed by the taste of it.  I mean I have actually put out a real cigarette because I prefer the taste of Ciganot!
Holly N.

"As a typical smoker, I had routine times where I would light a cigarette subconsciously.  Being a student, these routine times would be for instance walking between classes where to pass time I would simply light up.  Now with the Ciganot as a substitute, I merely use it as an alternative to create the hand to mouth sequence and found that there was no nicotine withdrawal due to the cigarettes I was passing up.  As in the past, I have tried many various similar devices, I have found Ciganot to closely fabricate the feeling of a real cigarette though compensating air flow and taste.  I would like to thank you again for looking out for the best interests of all smokers."
Christian W.

"I stocked the cigarette for three days.  I knew eventually it would come out of her mouth and I could finally, finally get my little paws on it.  I am three years old, in your human world that makes nine.  It has fascinated me all weekend.  It looked so cool though I didn't know if I would want it hanging out of my mouth all day.  Humans are such strange creatures.  The human in finally asleep, now this cigarette is free, oh joy, all mine...hmm...what will I do with rolls, the aromatic flavor of tobacco is there and I heard them say this was wonderful.  Look how easily I can bat is under the bed...will the human find it or will this be mine...all mine.  Wait, perhaps I can find a better hiding place, I know in the morning she will desperately be needing this, perhaps, I will leave it for her as she is a good human and I know she desperately needs it, more than I.  Besides, there will be other opportunities."

"I just wanted you to know that I received the package and the smokeless cigarettes are GREAT!!! It is just what I needed to help with WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS.  Thank you so much for helping me.
A. M.

"Thanks again - those smokeless cigs have saved my quit on many occasions - 5 days smoke free now :) :)"
Tamsen A.

"My mother has been using your product ahs been very pleased with her progress in decreasing her intake of smoking from one pack a day to three cigarettes a day."
Starr I.

"Trying to quit smoking was extremely difficult for me.  Getting rid of the psychological addiction was as hard as the physical addiction.  The first week I gained close to ten pounds as I had a need to put something from hand-to-mouth.  I was wishing for something to pacify my craving.  After finding Ciganot, I was amazed a t how easy it was for me to accomplish both , no smoking and no more weight gain just by using it as a substitute.  I loved the tobacco flavor and could smoke it wherever I wanted, whenever I had the need."
Joanne T.

"I had the good sense to phone our local Smoker's Help line and they told me of a new product...I found a supplier...since that day I have managed to over-come the cravings and maintain my sanity because I now have a safe fills the need to be holding something in my hand.  This new friend is always beside me, even in the car.  I have not bought a package nor do I have powerful urges to return to the demon that controlled my life for so many years.  I no longer have to reach for that cigarette every time the phone rings or I pour a cup of coffee.  In fact, even the need for my Ciganot is not as urgent as in the beginning.  I am overjoyed, ecstatic, and jubilant with the success of this product...I would recommend and endorse this product for anyone trying to 'break the habit'. 

P.S.  I have been offered the "patch" and gum and have used neither of these while enjoying my Ciganot."
Barb D.

"This is my second week with no smoking.  We play pool with our neighbours every Saturday night and my husband and I both smoke a pack of cigarettes...2 weeks ago we decided to purchase your product and honest to God it works.  neither one of us has had a cigarette.  I go out with my co-workers and puff on my plastic smoke.  I find its not the nicotine I'm addicted to but it was the habit and having something my hand.  Your product takes care of that for me.  I will probably never smoke again but I will always have your smokeless cigarette in my hands.  Thank you.  Whoever invented it is a genius!"
Cathy L.

"There are so many places where I find I am not allowed to smoke.  My husband is a non-smoker and after he bought a new car recently he banned me from smoking in it.  However, he doesn't mind me 'smoking' my Smokeless cigarette.  Now I have decided not to smoke in the house anymore.  I use my smokeless cigarette instead.  Sometimes when I am using my fake cigarette I forget to light a real one.  The tobacco taste is so enjoyable.  If I am smoking less I must be doing my health some good as well as saving money."
Betty L.

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